Miniraupenkran Maeda CC1908S-1

Miniraupenkran Maeda CC1908S-1

The CC1908 model boasts many market-leading qualities including a massive 8.1 ton lifting capacity, a 20.1m lifting height and 3.5 ton pick and carry capacity. Features of this model include a touchscreen 10.4″ monitor display, boom slew limit setting, 360° surround-view camera and monitor, wide view roof window and a sun shade and visor as standard. No outriggers mean an extremely slim working footprint and this model has a class-leading short tail swing and slew radius for work in restricted areas.

In addition this environmentally-friendly machine is equipped with a Yanmar Diesel engine that is EU Stage V and EPA Final Tier 4 compliant making it more fuel efficient. Other highlights of this crane include a fully enclosed air-conditioned cab with link slide door, powerful two speed hi/lo winch, hydrostatic transmission, 6/4/2 fall hook block, tilt sensor/alarm, anti slack device and automatic heptagonal 5-section boom. Optional features are a 1.5 ton Hydraulic Fly Jib, a new 2 ton Searcher Hook and Blade.

  • 8.1 ton Max Capacity
  • 20.1m Max Working Height (26m with Optional Fly Jib Attachment)
  • 3500kg Pick & Carry Duty
  • 10.4 inch Multi Monitor
  • Powerful Two Speed Winch with Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • 360 degrees slew angle
  • Slew Restriction Device
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • 6 Fall / 4 Fall / 2 Fall Hook Block
  • Tilt Sensor/Alarm
  • 360° Surround-View Camera
  • Automatic Pentagonal 5-Section Boom
  • Data Logger
  • 2 Year Warranty


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